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Graphics Design
Shift : Not Mentioned
Date Start: 0000-00-00
Fee: 7,000 Tk.
Last Date Of Reg: 0000-00-00 Time : Not Mentioned Venue : Not Mentioned


Jobaidbd.com offers detailed career information about Graphics Design as a career.

                                          Graphics Design


A graphic designer is a professional who works in the industry of graphic arts and graphic design. He brings together the knowledge of typography, images and motion graphics along with their creativity to present a design. The work of a graphic designer is usually very much public and is quite often part of advertisements that we see in print media. Graphic designing is a lot about blending one’s creativity along with being innovative.

Courses and Eligibility

With advertising becoming more and more important part of our lives, it is only inevitable that the demand for graphic designers would increase. There are quite a few courses that one can take up such as the certificate courses, diploma courses and degree courses to get trained as a graphic designer.

Pay and Remuneration

The salary of a graphic designer depends largely on the field that he or she is working in. The remuneration provided to the candidates also varies as per their responsibilities, experience, industry in which they are working as well as the trainings they have undergone.Freshers can expect a pay scale between Rs.1 Lac to rs.1.5 lac Per year.

Career Prospects

The tremendous growth of media and advertisement industry all over the world brings out a world of opportunities for a graphic designer. Thus anyone who has lots of passion towards sketches and arts can take up graphic design as their profession. There are lots of opportunities in various fields such as one can become creative director, art director, layout artist, brand identity designer, logo designer, flash designer, illustrators, web designer, multimedia designer, prepress technician etc. One can without any doubts take up a job with any firm and continue to do the same. At the same time if you are one of those who like to be your own boss, then you can become a free lancer as well.

A Day In Life

A typical day in the life of a graphic designer would vary a lot depending on the specialization that a person has or the field in which he or she is working. In the shortest possible way one can say that a day in a creative designer’s life is usually surrounded by lots of creativity. Every day is different from the other day. The following is the schedule of an art director.
 In case being an Graphic Designer is not something that you are looking for, the you can always look at other career options that are available on our portal. Also one must always remember to take Aptitude Test and Personality Test to find which careers are suitable and fitting well for the person.

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