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A Video Jockey (or VJ) is an announcer who introduces and plays videos on music channels. It is a derivative of the term Disc Jockey as used in the radio industry. A VJ’s role has stretched beyond making mere announcements. Now, VJs anchor reality shows, host comic series along with countdown shows, they also incorporate live television feeds and music.


A Radio Jockey (or RJ) entertains listeners of a radio program and provides information along with selecting and playing records. They have their own style and they create newer ways to entertain the people while they are listening. RJs need to have very good awareness of the events and things going around in the city, they must know the city well and of course they should know a lot about Bengal films and film music. They usually write their own scripts and have to be very innovative at the same time keeping their style intact. RJ’s begin with odd-hours duty and with experience and popularity they come in the prime time.

Courses & Eligibility:

From time to time, channels invite young aspirants for VJ hunts and radio channels invite people for the RJ hunts. Else one can apply directly to the channel for audition and start working as an intern. People begin early in DJ industry and learn while assisting the established DJ’s. Many models and actors have become VJs.(EX: Nusraat Faria Mazhar)There is no education route to be a VJ/DJ/RJ. There are short term certificate courses have radio jockeying as part of their syllabus. Some personality enhancement courses and language course can equip one in becoming a VJ.

Career Prospects:

The demand for professional in Disc Jockeying and Radio Jockeying is increasing. People are spending a lot these days on hosting big parties and events which has opened a lot of opportunities. Professional have worked out contracts with banquets halls, discotheques, farm houses, and any other place where such parties are organized.

Pay and Remuneration:

At entry level, a radio jockeys get Tk. 1 lakhs to Tk 1.5 lakhs in a year and the pay increases according to your job profile and experience. Senior RJs make around Tk.10 lakhs to Tk. 15 lakhs in a year. The average take-home for a Video jockey at the initial level is near about Tk.1.5 in a year. Pay increases with one’s skills and the market condition and label/club/music composer one is working with.

A day in life:

On typical days these professionals are on air or are performing. The timings depend on the show timing if it’s a live show, if it is a delayed telecast/ broadcast /Podcast then they reach the studios and record the programs as per the schedules. The off air time is spent in planning for the next day/show and increasing awareness and learning about new music, videos, news and other current affairs.
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