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News Presenter
Shift : Not Mentioned
Date Start: 0000-00-00
Fee: 15,000 Tk.
Last Date Of Reg: 0000-00-00 Time : Not Mentioned Venue : Not Mentioned


Jobaidbd.com offers detailed career information about TV Anchor / News Presenter  as a career.

                                            News Presenter

Gone are the days when there were news readers and compares who would host quiz programs. TV anchoring has evolved into an art. A whole new set of people with specific skills, have emerged who host news shows, live events and reality shows.

 A career as a TV anchor (Program/News), requires the incumbent to keep the viewers informed about the event/ program that they are reporting. It could be news analysis, a cricket match, news debate, live broadcast of Independence day, comedy show etc. The TV anchors should have detailed knowledge and information related to the show. Anchors and journalists work with teams of camera people and reporters. Anchoring is not only about passing on the information but about presenting the same in an interesting and entertaining manner. They have to anchor and present the show keeping in view the objective and mood of the show.

Courses & Eligibility

Just like Film Actors, while formal training is a plus, however it is the skills that play a vital role in the success of a person who wants to pursue career as a TV anchor. The job of a TV anchor is to strike an instant rapport with potential audiences. Although many successful anchors and commentators have not been professionally trained but have learned with experience. Some institutes offer specialized courses on TV anchoring.

Career Prospects

With the increasing number of TV channels and entertainment programs there will be a lot of demand for anchors and show presenters. It is better to intern with a leading channel to gain access.
There are very few openings for sports commentators in Bangladesh as former national players usually enter this field. You can start from All Bangladesh Radio or any other channel which are usually good platforms. You need a rich, long experience in the sports arena to get hired by a sports channel.


A Day in Life

Anchors and commentator schedules depend on the timings of the events, like day and night match or film awards functions. Their days begin by keeping themselves updated on the current events and happenings in their space. Then the work begins at the venue or studio as the case may be. Anchoring and presentations continue with beaks for meals. The evening following the event may include
There is no denying to the fact that the digital media has been the core media branch in the recent times and the jobs of the TV anchor has been among the coveted ones in the field of mass media. Being a TV anchor has a lot of requirements and obligations to be fulfilled. In case this career of a TV anchor is something that doesn't interest you then you can explore many other career options on Jobaidbd.com
Also one must always remember to take Aptitude Test and Personality Test to find which careers are suitable and fitting well for the person.

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