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Air Hostess / Flight Steward
Shift : Not Mentioned
Date Start: 0000-00-00
Fee: 14,000 Tk.
Last Date Of Reg: 0000-00-00 Time : Not Mentioned Venue : Not Mentioned


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                                                  Air hostage


"You can’t imagine a world, quite frankly, without a safe and secure aviation system. And so our job is to really focus on that, and what we need to do to keep it safe and secure." 
This is what Janet Napolitano said about the aviation industry. She holds a respectable post in the scheme of things for the United States of America. This is a great boost for those who are willing to get into the profession of Flight Steward / Air Hostess or stewards. The simple enough reason is that a good amount of work and responsibility is expected out of them, which can bring out the best in them.
 Here's what we at Jobaidbd.com know about being an Air-hostess as a career.


Air Hostess / Flight Steward is a person who is responsible to take care of and handle all the activities that go on inside the aero plane but outside the cockpit. There is no denying the fact that the aviation industry is constantly seeing a rise over the last few years, helping the career emerge as one of the sought-after by those who want to start earning early in their life.
 A Flight Steward / Air Hostess usually is a great blend of diplomacy along with great efficiency. There are several qualities that one needs to inculcate so as to become a Air Hostess / Flight Steward. For an instance a Air Hostess / Flight Steward is always expected to keep calm in emergency situations and crisis time.
 As part of their responsibility, they have to greet all the passengers with smile, guide them elegantly to their seats, coordinate with the security personnel, helping passengers to settle down in their seats etc.
 Some of the traits which come in very handy in this career are: self confidence, presence of mind, patience to keep working for long hours, humour, good communication skills, initiative, attractive personality etc.

Courses and Eligibility

While most of the airlines earlier looked at possession of the personality traits (mentioned above) in the potential candidates, however lately with the boom in aviation sector , formal qualifications have come into play.
 The eligibility criteria of getting into airline companies vary from each other. However there are a few common traits as mentioned earlier, that one needs to have in order to go ahead with the courses. The age of the candidates should be between 18 to 26 years with a minimum qualification of intermediate (10+2). Good interpersonal skills along with smartness always add up as positives.

A Day in Life

A typical day in the life of an Flight Steward / Air Hostess can be very challenging and at the same time very thrilling as well. One of the major issues that Flight Steward / Air Hostess have to cope up with is the change in the timing and schedule. Depending on the kind of people who are travelling in the air plane, an Flight Steward / Air Hostess can either have a smooth time or busy time as well. For an instance if only elderly people are the passengers, the time proves to be smooth. But with kids and babies in flight, one might have to take care of crying babies, kids kicking the back of seats etc. The schedule of an Flight Steward / Air Hostess varies as per the airline and the place where she is working. No matter what, an Flight Steward / Air Hostess has to go through pre-flight briefing. It is during this time that they are required to brush up the manuals and refresh the emergency locations on the flight. But nothing beats the fact that one might have breakfast in one destination and lunch in another destination and so is the case for dinner.

In case being an Air Hostess is not something that you are looking for, the you can always look at other career options that are available on our portal. Also one must always remember to take Aptitude Test and Personality Test to find which careers are suitable and fitting well for the person.

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